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How iGaming Is Using TV Shows To Create The Best Online Slots



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Over the years, many TV shows have been adapted into games. Everything from Breaking Bad to American Idol, these games often continue the story or expand on the original show. This is also the case in the iGaming sector, as there are many online slots and casino games based on TV shows.

Many TV-based games are made as a way to give something more to fans, and there are some truly brilliant adaptations out there that do an excellent job of complimenting the show. Below, we investigate how the iGaming industry is championing TV shows through their online slots.

iGaming shows no sign of slowing down

With the rise of digital platforms, movies and TV shows all found themselves being distributed online. The popularity of streaming and online games gave way to online slots at casino websites. These online slots, based on TV shows, provide an opportunity for fans to immerse themselves in their favourite shows by playing out a new concept.

Famous examples include Game Of Thrones slot, which is set in the fictional world of Westeros. There are online slots such as X-Files, which can be found at the likes of Paddy Power Games, a platform that also gives people the chance to play a Deal or No Deal casino game. This is based on the popular Deal Or No Deal TV show, hosted by Noel Edmonds, and the game emulates the format of the show, in which players must choose the right box with the banker giving you offers. All of these shows were incredibly successful, so it’s no surprise they’ve been adapted into games. And let’s not forget about non-casino games such as Walking Dead: No Man’s Land, based on the hit zombie TV show, as well as Narcos: Cartel Wars, which follows the story of Pablo Escobar.

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Today, there appears to be much more cross-over between movies, TV shows and games. In an LA Times article, game critic Todd Martens wrote about how video games are having an impact on filmmaking. However, in the iGaming world, many developers are seeing the opportunity to take established mediums and adapt them into games and casino slots. Themed games and seasonal slots have been a trend in the online casino world, as developers seek to bring customers an on-demand experience.

What does the future hold for online casinos?

There’s no doubt more TV shows will be adapted into online slots, as the iGaming sector continues to grow in popularity. Online casinos create games based on other mediums to attract a wider audience, as well as established fans. For example, The Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Slot has become a classic TV-inspired casino game due to the success of the show and its format. As always, there is huge potential for iGaming to develop slots based on TV shows from other genres, particularly as new technology continues to emerge.

Online casinos have created a renewed interest in many old TV shows like Deal Or No Deal. This is testament to the power of the iGaming sector as online slots have become hugely in-demand. They’re easy, fun to play and accessible due to being available on both mobile and desktop. The iGaming sector has a future ahead of it, with TV show adaptions playing a key role.

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