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His wiki: Worth, Songs, Lifestyle, Scandals.



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At first he called himself “Swag Jesus”, which was later changed to “Slim Jesus” after this trip, because Easton wanted to open an Instagram account, but didn’t want to be named “Swag” – so he thought of an idea to call himself “Slim Jesus” – he was always skinny anyways.

Personal life is always personal to you!

Easton Philips was born on April 10, 1997 in the United States on the Eastside of Ohio in Hamilton, but grew up there not since his parents moved to the West Side early in his life. His mother is Irene Brown. He does not have a wife or a child. Even though he raps about crime and guns in an interview he did a few years ago he said that he is not involved in any crime and has no criminal history. His Rap music is a subculture of rap called “Drill” – Rap. He was influenced most by a lot of Chicago rappers where Drill – Rap was born, and one of his favorite Chief Keef was.

How was created the name ‘Slim Jesus’?

His stage name Silent Jesus was created by his friends from his childhood when he was a child during a field trip in high school. At first he called himself “Swag Jesus” which was later changed to “Slim Jesus” after this trip, because Easton wanted to open up an Instagram account but didn’t want to be named “Swag”, so he thought of an idea to call himself “Slim Jesus” – he was always skinny anyway.

His career thus far has been limited to:

Easton had been producing music before he became famous, but none of his songs were released or released anywhere until it was uploaded to his YouTube channel “ImSlimJesus” in 2015, which has been viewed over 50 million times. Since then, his career has gained support and he produced a couple more songs – “Buck Buck”, “Drip Heavy” and “Warning Shots” – none of which has proved as popular as his first single. He has performed in various clubs in the USA and Canada, he had a tour entitled Young and Ignorant, and many concerts were sold out quickly after the tickets were put on sale.

Several rappers are known today for showing off their money and Slim Jesus is also a part of this current culture. Although his net worth is authoritatively estimated at over $350,000, which is not a small amount for a rapper of his age, he likes to show off his golden chain and watch. If he keeps on posting music videos that become viral, his net worth will just continue to grow and maybe one day it will reach millions.

Social influence has a determining influence on social behaviour.

When he became famous he began to have a lot of influence on the younger generation who listen to his songs. His profile has over 125,000 followers which is a good number for a 21-year-old. In an interview he conducted a few months ago, he said that he doesn’t want to influence his followers in a bad way : all of the things he does in his music videos are for fun and that people should not follow that path of crime, drugs and violence. After becoming famous to a lot of people, mostly younger teens made memes about him, but he says that he isn’t interested in them and mostly laughs at everything. Because of his appearances, some people began calling him “fake white boy rapper”.

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Was he shot in a drive?

Some story reportedly broke around two years ago that Easton was involved in a incident that happened in front of a house where he was filming for a new music video. A lot of blogs were post that claimed that he was killed by an automatic gun firing from a car. The gossip proved to be wrong in a few days when Slim Jesus himself said that he was okay and that there were no drive-bys or any other shooting that he was involved in – they were plain rumours that nobody should believe, but there are still some people who think that was a publicity stunt by his manager to make a fuss about him and get him and his new album into the news, free publicity that people would notice.

Appearance –

Slim Jesus likes to dress as a “gangster”, which means he often wears gold chains around his neck and a pair of earrings from 24-carat diamonds. He often shop in stores that have clothes up to $1,500 a piece and more. He loves to show his collection of expensive clothing and shoes just so people could see that he has a lot of money. Some of his detractors have even gone as far as to call him a “fake thug wannabe” which was really upsetting for him; he asked that this name calling stop as he dress in a modern manner, not provoking anyone.

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