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Fortnite Season 4 She-Hulk Awakening Challenge Guide



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In this Fortnite She-Hulk Awakening Challenge, we will tell you the steps you need to complete in order to turn mild-mannered Jennifer Walters into the raging She-Hulk in Season 4 of Fortnite.

Fortnite She-Hulk Awakening Challenge

There are a couple of challenges that you’ll have to complete to unlock this skin. This challenge works a bit similar to the Groot challenge as some features get locked out.

But before you attempt those challenges make sure that you have season 4 battles pass and you’re at level 29.

If you have already completed all the challenges and Jennifer Walters is still in her boring lawyer clothes, open up your emote wheel.

In your emote wheel you’ll see She-Hulk’s Gamma Overload emote.

Other regular emotes will not be visible to you for now, but don’t worry the change is only temporary.

Visit Jennifer Walters’ office

To complete the Awakening Challenge, you’ll have to glide down at Retail Row.

If you’re an old Fortnite player, this location would be easy to find. However, the surroundings will not be so similar once you’ve landed.

You’ll notice that the house at the center of POI, that was once an embodiment of poverty is now one beautiful, well-built house.

This very house happens to be Jennifer Walter’s office.

Enter the office in Jennifer Walter’s skin to complete the first challenge. Jennifer Walter’s base skin would be unlocked at level 22 in the battle pass.

Doom Henchmen and vase locations

Now, you’ll have to look for three Henchmen and eliminate them. To do so, you’ll have to land Doom’s Domain.

If you’ve fought Doctor Doom at some point during this season, then you’ll be familiar with the location.

Look for these antagonists in the Doom’s mansion, or underneath the soccer pitch.

Chances are that you’ll be able to find them elsewhere in Doom’s Domain as well since they are always spawning randomly.

Eliminating these Henchmen would be easy, given that there aren’t any other players trying to get into a She-Hulk skin.

finally, you need to destroy a vase. There is no particular location where you could find a vase.

They are scattered all over the map. There are slightly better chances of finding a vase in Coral Cove.

Look for target dummies, and you’ll find the vase in their middle. Coral Cove Island is located towards the south of the map.

You’ll also find a vase at the Dirty Docks at the location given below

Once you’ve completed all of these challenges, you’ll have yourself Bruce Banner’s cousin, green as ever!

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