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FF7 Remake’Part 2 release date could steal a genius’mass effect’ mechanic



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One of the most dramatic scenes from Final Fantasy VII is the entire group heading into the city of Midgar, hidden among total chaos.

Developers were initially concerned about a drastically different result for the sequence that would have involved killing several characters close to the game finale.

When such much of the story has changed with the Final Fantasy VII Remake, whenever the series touches this point in the narrative in Part 2 or a later entry, the developer would like Square Enix to reconsider this more dramatic approach.

The perfect way to do it is to emulate Mass Effect and its sequels.

For all FF7 and Mass Effect games, there is a Spoiler.

The oral history of the original game by Matt Leone published in January 2017 and released in September 2018 presents interviews with about 35 individuals involved in the creation of the original game.

One of the most interesting details revealed through the interviews was the early plans for more characters near the end of the game, long after the famous fall of Aerith at the end of Disc 1.

It was disclosed during a conversation between the co-director and character designer.

If I had not stopped you, you would have managed to kill everybody but the final three characters the player chose in the second half of the game!

Oh NOMARA said to Kitase.

In the scene where they jump on midgar.

You wanted everyone to die there “

Here is the sequence to be asked from the original game.

This scrucky plan was scrapped because it shook the core theme of the game of ”life ” and would have “few assort[ed] as the meaning of [Aerith’s] death”

But all these years later, the threat it poses persists.

FF7 Remake, particularly because it seems more about changing fate than anything else, has the possibility of making more adventurous narrative choices such as killing other characters instead of Aerith.

Given how much of the original story was covered by the first FF7 remake, the scene where party escapes Midgar would likely happen in FF7 Remake Part 3 or 4, but Square Enix could do interesting things with continuity if they look to track progress between sets.

During the second disc of the original game the planet produces several biomechanical kaiju that have been named WEAPONs to defend itself, but rather than targeting the villain Sephiroth, the WEAPONs attack major cities that drain Mako from the planet.

Shinra defends Midgar with a gigantic Mako cannon called “Sister Ray” — but not before the Division has destroyed a huge section of city.

The crazy scientist Hojo wishes to fire the cannon again, but doing so would level Migar so that Cloud and friends must parachute into the city amongst all the chaos to stop him.

It is epic to dive down into the city.

While selecting your two companions for this FF7 mission, no one dies.

This mission is also clear the inspiration for the parachuting scene in FF7 Remake Part 1 where Cloud, Biggs, Wedge and Jessie detonate on the top plate into Sector 7 Slums.

Cloud and Wedge share a parachute while Jessie and Biggs swim in the background. Quad Eixample

But what would happen if the FF7 sequels continued with Kitase’s original big twist?

All of the other party members not selected for the mission could die in dramatic fashion, and then after Hojo stopped, the only thing left would be to confront Sephiroth in the Northern Crater to finish the game.

Depending on these choices, the game ends could be different.

Both FF7 Remake and the original track Clouds total intimateness with other members of the party based on sparse dialogue choices and with who he spends the most time with.

The results are subtle or meaningful — as of who will first show up as a competitor to Cloud in the final Battle Remake.

If subsequent games explored a similar kind of infidelity ranking, key decisions could influence who live and who die in a more nuanced way.

Ultimately, FF7 should invest even more in this mechanic by emulating what happens in Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2

Famously, the band stars a mission where your group splits and you choose which of your teammates you will help: biotic marine and human Kaidan Alenko (Alian skeptic) or hardened human soldier Ashley Williams.

For everybody to neglect their life sacrificed nobly for this cause.

The survivor will be mostly MIA in the direct sequel and then the main member of your team – in Mass Effect 3 will have joined them.

Hier there are also significant long-lasting consequences at play.

These kinds of powerful narrative structures are what made BioWare a huge ’80s drama and what makes the Mass Effect trilogy so much beloved in particular.

Somehow, a much more compelling feature is with Mass Effect 2’s system.

It is basically the case that if you talk enough to your squadmates then you may do optional side missions where you help each of them achieve some personal goal.

If you don’t complete these optional missions then characters die at the end of the game in the final suicide mission.

Most Mass Effect 2 is spent either recruiting the 12 characters or complete their loyalty missions, but the experience is not like something mundane — it is a meditation on human intimacy.

It is not news, though most of the crew are aliens.

Mass Effect 2” has a host of interesting characters.

All the can live — even the hero / hero.BioWare / EA

When the Final Fantasy VII Remake series attains that dramatic Parachute Scene into Midgar, it would be an excellent opportunity to take a similar approach to what Mass Effect 2 does with Loyalty Ratios.

FF7 already has a series of missions that feel like loyalty missions for the various characters so if Remake had to completely make them optional and give players consequences for neglecting them, it would definitely improve the role-playing aspects of the game.

When FF7 Remake was frist made, it seems that Aerith may reside in subsequent entries, so it seems logical that one or more of other characters would have to take her place at some point.

If Square Enix could borrow the core loyalty mechanic from Mass Effect 2 to create divergent and surprising plot lines, then it would make for some serious dynamic storytelling unlike anything Final Fantasy has done in the past.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2 is currently in the development stage.

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