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Emily in Paris Is a voluminous and Charming Climatic Soufflé



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The line is however intended on the show as an obstacle for the titular star, a young marketing expert spotted with a surprise career twist on the City of Light.

The line however is intended on the show as an obstacle to the titular star, a young marketing expert who has been seen cavorting on the City of Light following an unexpected career twist. She has been brought to a French marketing house to revive them to better represent luxury brands to the young women of the US quite to the frustration of locals. Emily in Paris is almost insidiously a show about social media marketing, influencers and the horrible convergence of commerce and personal life. It’s a love letter to awful things and yet I swooned.

Okay, fine, “swooned” may be a strong word. Perhaps hatched the first tingle of a crush. I eatily devoured it. As I sat on my couch, I dreamed about doing a zipping along the Seine without a mask. (I added the part of champagne to drama effect, but you absolutely should see this show drunk. ) The point is, Emily in Paris is a treat if you can set aside the myriad things it does badly or at worst, does not do at all. Anyone with a passing knowledge of how the city of Paris actually operates in 2020 will find the portraiture lacking to say the least. The way the series values Fabulousness and the sell of things is also not great for this particular moment in human history. – But if you can tolerate some empty calories today or even crave them – Star and company deliver the goods.

Basically, the show should be — or could be — a little more aware of its clichés. Aber Non. It is rather happy to gambol ; gambol off into its tightly prescriptive version of things without question, throwing its fish into new water almost entirely of its own invention. Which is, I guess, the prerogative of the show to portray a place in the way that it want to portray it. It ain’t socialology.

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