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Does Homelander die? Here is his weakness in the comics



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The Homelander may lose control in The Boys Season 2, but the leader of The Seven is still dangerous and seemingly indestructible. As a byproduct of Compound V, the substance that gives him and other suposes their powers, Homelander has super strength, heat vision and can withstand explosions without injuries. He’s pretty much Superman, but there’s no Kryptonite equivalent to serve as his weakness. Homelander’s defeat with its near invulnerable powers and an uncontrollable temper seems impossible.. However, The Boys could hold the key to how Homelander could die on the show.

With spoilers for season 2 The Boys and comics.

How do you kill the unkillable? The boys have attempted to answer that question since Season 1.. The protagonists have managed only to kill Translucent so far, but it took a lot of time and research to get it done because the hero was invisible and bulletproof.. If that wasn’t hard enough, Homelander has ten times the power of Translucent and has no apparent weaknesses..

In the comics either Homelander has no weaknesses really yet.. This allows him to get away with terrorizing people and rampant murder.. Homelander does end up dying in the comics, though it is not Billy Butcher or the other boys that kill him.

It is Black Noir that kills Homelander.. The two duke it out during a brutal and ruthless battle at the White House that sees Homelander kill the president. Black Noir murders his rival and leaves only his arms and chest as evidence of his existence.. It is all very disturbing and gruesome.

Black Noir has been silent and deadly, and there may be a reason for it.. Dynamite Entertainment is a dynamic entertainment company..

As it turns out, the only reason Black Noir is able to kill Homelander is because he is his clone.. Black Noir, developed by Vought to spy on The Seven’s leader, is the secret weapon of the company to ensure that Homelander can be killed if he steps too far out of line..

Homelander was angry when he learned that Black Noir was his clone and that he’d framed Homelander for his crimes.. Black Noir also admitted raping and killing Becca, Butcher’s wife, while pretending to be Homelander. It is a massive twist and could happen in season 2 of The Boys..

Black Noir is even more vicious than Homelander.. Dynamite Entertainment Entertainment.

On the show Black Noir is mysterious and we know about him close to nothing.. We have watched him kill without remorse, but he has not spoken a word so far and his costume hides his face completely.. Without knowing his identity, it’s difficult to measure what Black Noir’s feelings are or what he thinks of Vought and the other members of The Seven.

In Season 2, however, Black Noir looks into Homelander’s recent activity and discovers that he’s been visiting Becca and her son Ryan.. It’s unclear what he’ll do with that information, but it seems obvious that The Boys are starting to tap into the idea of Black Noir as a spy for Vought.. Whether or not the series Black Noir’s identity will ever be revealed remains to be seen, but the potential repercussions of this twist will surely be as bloody and diabolical as Homelander will be.

The Boys Season 2 is currently streaming via Amazon Prime Video.

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