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DIY recipes on how to grow different colors



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All the new in-season additions to New Horizons will not start until October 1, but they will last until the seasonal update ends on October 31 with a terrifying Halloween event.

Leaves fall on the island and the villagers throw sweaters on in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The tropical island-themed Nintendo game received the latest version 1.5.0 update on Wednesday, which will soon enable players to turn their gardens into full pumpkin patches.

All of the fall added to New Horizons won’t start until October 1 but they will last until the seasonal update ends with a scary Halloween event on October 31.

One of the biggest updates shipping with the update is the addition of multicolored pumpkins and a host of pumpkin-based DIY recipes that will allow gamers to turn their island into a Jack &’s Lantern Wonderlands.

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