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Distant toddler was found wandering along street by passerby alone.



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A little boy found wandering alone in Hull City Hall has been returned home to his family after a passerby telephoned the police.

The child is said to be about two years old and was seen lying in the street and looking confused.

Then, a concerned stranger came to the police who filmed their arrival at the scene in Spring Bank, Hull, East Yorkshire.

In the film footage, the baby boy can be seen waiting with the man and his own child before the officers show up.

The man explains then how he had been driving to his car when he noticed the boy without a parent.

The boy can be seen crying as a police officer lifted him into his arms and asked where he lived.

The video was published on Facebook as part of an appeal for information by one passer-by.

A spokesperson for Humberside Police confirmed that they attended the incident and said the boy has now been safe to his family.

It is understood the toddler ended up on the street after he managed to escape from a house in the neighbourhood.

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