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Diego Sanchez looked awful at UFC 253 and Twitter overwas his all day.



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(Photo: Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC)

Diego Sanchez is a legend of the UFC and fought in his 32nd Octagon-Musik to UFC 253 and beat Demian Maia for the third time in UFC history.

But that did nothing to help him in the fight as he was strongly ruled out by Jake Matthews in a uncontested decision.

The fight started slowly, but the first two rounds produced consistently Matthews lands two-touch combos on Sanchez and caught him coming in with running back attacks.

Matthews had already got Sanchez to a bit opening earlier in the fight, but totally dominated the third round by squishing Sanchez down and crushing him with strikes, spilling more and more blood onto the mat.

Despite Sanchez’s last minute attempts at submission, Matthews won the bout with 30-26 points on the judges’ scorescards.

This marked the second loss in three fights and the fourth loss in seven for the MMA winner of the first season of The Ultimate Fighter (and it should be his third consecutive loss if not for an illegal knee – acrimony against Michel Pereira ).

One has to wonder where is Sanchez going from here as he gets to end his career.

Conor McGregor said that he accepts Sanchez’s request for a retirement bout with him, but UFC President Dana White is very against it.

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