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Days after ending her engagement to actor Max Ehrich drops the witty Breakup Anthem Still Have Me



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I’d rather be alone so I’d rather be lonely. INTERVIEW: Is Selena Gomez involved in Demi Lovato’s separation from fiance Max Ehrich?

Only six days after her split from actor-fiancé Max Ehrich, Demi Lovato has released a breakup track.

On October 1, the singer and actress uploaded the audio of her new single, ‘Still Have Me’ — and it is a powerful track.

The 28-year-old told her 93 million followers that music is always there for me… song in the am.

In the song, the newly single star appears to address her failed relationship with 29-year-old Ehrich, sung about self-love and how she prefers to be alone versus with the wrong person.

I am a mess and I am still broken. But I find my way back now. It seems like someone was stolen. It sings in the first verse, before she belts out the chorus, ” I don’t have much, but at least I still have me. I need everything I need. Speak my faith but at least I still believe (I still believe). I need all the information on that. I don’t have much, but at least I have me.

Lovato sings in the second verse: “Everything hathed around me. Now all the highs are just lows. And i don’t even care about it. So I’d rather be alone ;

INTERVIEW: Is Selena Gomez involved in Demi Lovato’s separation from fiancée Max Ehrich?

Lovato and The Young and the Restless actor split off on September 25 three months after recharging and six months after they started dating. The couple had been happily mingling in Lovato’s home in LA where they developed a close bond.

Apparently all that changed when Ehrich left LA to film a new movie in Atlanta, where it is believed he got caught in his rising popularity.

“It was very hurtful to Demi when she realized that Max’s intentions were uncooperative. Breaking off the engagement was not an easy decision, according to the source. In fact, for months Demi and Max were basically glued to each other 24/7. They lived in a bubble without stress and everything was just fun.

Max rose up to fame and it’s been hard. He got wrapped up in Hollywood. It was hard for Demi to admit to a mistake when it came to Max.

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