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CS Unboxed – McFarlane Toys’ new Batman figure line



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In 2021, all chase figures published in the McFarlane Platinum Edition will have painted rare variations and are published in limited edition packaging, with a special edition silver McFarlane Toys – T-shirt printed in foil.

CS Unboxed: McFarlane Toys has revealed the new Batman Figure Line

DC Multiverse Batman Figuro by Todd McFarlane RELATED!

The Dark Metals Earth line includes Earth 32-Batman, The Grim Knight, Earth-44 Batman and Earth-I Batman The entire line is currently on pre-order at Walmart and Amazon and is set for release in October and in November in retail stores internationally and nationwide.

The first box set to be released by the McFarlane Platinum Edition is the Arkham Asylum Joker Bronze. This figure is limited to 3,000 production runs worldwide and has been randomly packed in DC Multiverse boxes to ship to retailers around the world. There are several more special edition McFarlane figures from various brands that are available in 2020.

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In 2021, all chase figures published in the McFarlane Platinum Edition program will have rare variations painted and will be presented in limited edition packaging, with a McFarlane Toys special edition platinum label printed in foil. Every McFarlane Special Edition figure will be limited in quantity and will reach across all McFarlane Toys lines to bring back fans everywhere to collect the “chase” of collecting!

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