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Cameron Diaz launches a brand of natural wine made with Spanish grapes



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In her long and renowned career as an actress, model and writer, Cameron Diaz has decided to add to her resume a surprising new profession, that of a wine entrepreneur.

The protagonist of Something about Mary has decided to enter the world of wine to create an organic drink that respects the environment and is healthy for our body.

«Introducing @avaline!

It all started two years ago on a beautiful Los Angeles afternoon in the backyard with @katherinepower.

We realized that we knew the content of everything that entered our body, but why not the wine?

Our journey to answer that question led us to create @aveline, a range of clean wines.

Creating a clean, natural wine free of extras that we don’t want and don’t know about helps me find balance when I’m enjoying a glass of wine.

It is wine in its purest form , ” wrote the actress.

However, Cameron Diaz does not face this new professional challenge alone, she is accompanied by her great friend Katherine Power, a well-known American businesswoman from the world of fashion.

Together they have launched Avaline , a wine brand that has a close relationship with our country, since, according to its website, the grapes with which they make their wines are grown in Catalonia.

At the moment, Avaline only has two varieties of wine, one white and one rosé, but both have been produced in a 100% natural and sustainable way.

In addition, the grapes with which they make the drink are fermented and processed without chemicals or unnecessary ingredients.

The two wines that Avaline offers cost 24 dollars, 21 euros , and can be bought on their website and in supermarkets in California.

In addition, the actress has promised that they will soon have distribution throughout the United States.

But Cameron Diaz is not the only celebrity who has decided to try his luck with wine.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are the owners of the Chateau Miraval winery in French Provence.

An exclusive enclave for wine, where they produce the Miraval Rosé variety, a characteristic drink for its light pink color.

Actress Drew Barrymore also has a selection of wines with her name.

The interpreter is associated with the Monterrey winery in California, where she produces a white wine with fruity touches, inspired by her family: the Barrymore 2011 Pinot Grigio.

And even if it’s not about wine , George Clooney has made tequila one of his great businesses.

The actor launched in 2013 with Rander Gerber , husband of model Cindy Crawford, his tequila brand Casamigos.

A premium drink that is extracted from the Mexican Blue Agave, and that is one of the most consumed in the United States.

And it is that more and more international celebrities are interested in one of our star drinks, wine.

The last to join this list is Cameron Diaz, and she does it with grapes of Spanish origin, to create a 100% clean and natural wine.

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