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BTS: Who is Jungkook Dating? Who’s The Lucky Girl?



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BTS has a huge fan following all over the globe. They have been ruling the hearts of people by giving several hits. Recently, BTS has also taken charge of American late-night shows, trending on social media, dropping a new album “Dynamite” official MV that had already gained over 365 million views on YouTube. BTS are unquestionable colonizers of the Korean pop, and the wave of their pop music has now reached America. They are also behind 4.6 billion dollars of South Korean GDP.

Keeping aside their success story, many fans want to know whether these boys are dating someone currently or not. Keep reading to find out if BTS members are dating anyone.  

Are members of BTS dating anyone?

People who are associated with K-pop artists and their industry will be familiar that all seven BTS members are talented. 

There’s a rule in the South Korean music industry, the people associated with the Pop bands can’t disclose their partner publicly. This common practice is followed to protect their careers. 

But in American music awards 2017, when an interviewer asked RM ( leader of BTS ) whether BTS members are looking for dates, he replied, ” Our fandom gives us more than enough love, We’ve got armies, We have got thousands of girlfriends here in this arena.”

Source: Insider

Jungkook Dating History: 

Because of his personality, Jungkook always finds himself in some dating rumors. In 2015, fans believed that Jungkook is dating a Cube Entertainment trainee, Ko Seohyun. Fans started to feel more about this rumor when a photograph of Ko Seohyun with BTS lead singer “Jungkook” went viral. 

Jungkook and this girl’s families were friends, and because of this reason, they have known each other for a long time. Fans believe that these two were in a relationship in 2016. 

According to BIG HIT, currently, Jungkook is not dating anyone.

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