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Bobby Lee’s wife, assets, brother, family, girlfriends, children, Wiki bio



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Robert Lee Junior was born on 18 September 1971 in San Diego, California, USA, of Korean descent and is a comedian and actor most probably best known for being a part of the main cast of the famous comedy sketch TV series entitled “MADtv”. His memorable appearances in the movies “Hangover”, “Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle”, “The Dictator” and the TV series “Splitting up Together” have added to his popularity..

Bobby was the first child born to his parents Robert and Jeanie Lee. He has a younger brother Steve Lee. While he was still in primary school, Bobby started taking drugs such as marijuana and methamphetamine.. When his parents discovered it, they immediately took him to a rehab center where they hoped he would get the help he needed; however, he continued to struggle with this disease for several more years, thus settling at rehab centers at least three more times.. During these years, he still managed to finish Primary School in San Diego and then began attending Poway High School, California.. Even though he was facing serious problems at the time, he realized that he was interested in wrestling..

He claimed that he was a highly functioning drug addict, which could be proven by the fact that he participated and won wrestling tournaments under the influence of LSD and Meth.. At the age of 17 his substance abuse came to an end Eventually. His parents own several clothing stores in Escondido and Encinitas, California and wanted their older son to inherit the family business; however, Bobby was never interested in doing so, and that is why he moved out from the family home when he turned 18 and took a number of part-time jobs, such as bartending in coffee shops and restaurants.. When he had enough money, he began attending Palomar College in San Diego, however, he realized that it was not something he was interested in and soon dropped out..

After the coffee shop in which he worked closed, he searched for another similar job and found an open position in the La Jolla Comedy Store.. He was given all sorts of jobs there for several years, before he decided to try to create his own stand-up shows.. At first he got the opportunity to appear at the amateur nights of La Jolla, but was soon offered the openings for the much appreciated comedians at the time, Carlos Mencia and Pauly Shore.. Thanks to his talent, he was noticed and asked to join the crew of one of the most famous comedy clubs in the US – The Comedy Store owned by Mitzi Shore – in Los Angeles, California.. Following his more than successful performances at the store, he had the opportunity to become the only Asian member of the popular sitcom Cast of MADtv, and worked on it from 2001 to 2009 when the show ended..

His career was flourishing and he appeared in a great number of films, such as “Laid in America”, “Hangover”, “The Dictator”, “Chelsea Lately” and “Animal Practice” as well as TV series like “What Would Diplo Do?”, “NCIS: Los Angeles”, “Splitting Up Together” and many more.. Further to his career, it is well-known that he is a co-host of the podcast entitled TigerBelly with his wife Khalyla Kuhn which covers topics of racism, politics, sexuality, the entertainment industry, etc.. as well as popular culture.. Their YouTube channel has more than 220,000 followers and has attracted over 33 million views..

Bobby has kept his personal life as private as possible, so there is no information about his dating history.. His only publically known girlfriend is the biochemist Khalyla Kuhn. They met on Tinder in early 2013 and began dating, and decided to marry in August 2016.. The main topic surrounding the news about their marriage was Khalyla’s alleged thirst for money.. A lot of Bobby’s fans hated her as they thought she married him only because of his wealth.. She denied these accusations by saying in a tweet that she lived a pretty decent life before Lee appeared on TV. The couple seems to have a lot of fun together, which can be seen in both his YouTube podcasts and Kuhn’s Instagram posts..

Bobby’s younger brother, Steve Lee, was born on August 25, 1977.. As with his brother, Steve also faced the problem of drugs.. As regards his career, Steve looked up to Bobby and made several appearances in the documentary “MADtv” thanks to him, after which Steve became recognized and joined David Chloe’s podcast entitled “DVDASA – Double Vag Double Anal Sensitive Artist”. In the next several years he performed with Eddie Kim, Asa Akira, Money Mark, Die Antwoord, Dylan Fujioka and many others.. He finally managed to create his own podcast entitled “The Steebee Weebee Show”..

According to authoritative sources, Bobby calculates his net worth as of 2019 at an impressive amount of $1 million, which was accrued through his career in the entertainment industry..

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