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Bieber Loves Wallabees, But You Should Too



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Clarks was founded in 1825 and has been making high-quality leather shoes ever since. In fact, the footwear label has such a dedicated following because it has produced the same core designs for most of the 20th and 21st centuries. In its 200-year history, though, a few moments stand out. In 1950, the Clarks Originals Desert Boot was released and the ‘60s saw it become the style of choice for UK mods, reggae musicians, and countless other subcultures. On the back of the Desert Boot’s success came the Clarks Originals Wallabee in 1970.

Clarks Originals Wallabees have been an enduring design for the brand, barely changing over half a century, and never losing its place in style’s hall of fame. The moccasin-style shoe is as popular as ever today among a much-varied customer base. Justin Bieber sporting the Wallabee on Instagram recently, in a departure from his usual scumbro style, is proof of this if needed.

As we move into fall and winter, we’ve got our eyes set on a new pair to strengthen our rotations.

Shop the best Clarks Originals Wallabees below.

Classic Beige

Eye-catching in Purple

Fall-ready Palette

Highlight Yellow

Wallabee Shoes

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(Available at 2 Merchants)


Pretty in Pink

Natural Tan

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(Available at 2 Merchants)

Pastel Perfection

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Free Express Shipping On Orders Over $500

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Understated Khaki

Electric Orange

Timeless Grey

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