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Best 3 Wood Off ‘Tee Reviews, 2020



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On a long par four, this distance can be hard to hold on, but on a shorter, tighter par four hole, the 3 could be the right course to pull out of the bag.

Buyers Guide – Buyers Guide

Here are a few questions that golfers should consider before buying their new 3wood.

Should you take a 3 Wood off the tee?

Part of good course management is learning how to hit a variety of golf clubs from all different locations. When a golf hole has plenty of trouble at the distance where you normally hit your driver, sometimes it makes sense to make a 3 instead. The 3 Wood can help to keep the ball straight and get you to a better position.

If you have never hit a 3 from the tee box, ensure that you tee the ball at the right height. It should not be put as high as your driver would be. Make sure the ball is positioned with the sweet spot on the golf course.

How Much Distance Do You Lose on A 3 Wood Off Tee

For some golfers that struggle to keep the ball with their driver in the fairway they may gain distance off the hole. When you switch to 3 bushes, you will generally lose 10-20 yards. On a long par four, this distance may be hard to let go but on a shorter, tighter tee-hill par four, the 3 might be the proper club to pull out of the golf bag.

When hitting a 3wood off the Tee, be less concerned about the loss in the distance and instead be more confident in the accuracy and performance you can gain. Golfers who are new to the game should consider using a 3-wood tee shot until they have greater consistency with their driver.

Why are 3 woods difficult to fall off the fairway

The reason that a 3 wood can be hard to get off the fairway is that it is a very low lofted club. All of the other clubs in your bag that you try to knock off the fairway will have more loft than the 3. Golfers with higher swing speeds will have a harder time getting the ball to launch from a tight fairway lie but most will not have any problem striking the 3 wood from the hole.

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