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Barbie Ferreira shares fear that Hollywood sees plus-size as ‘trendy’



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This week, Elle posted a photo of the couple kissing with the caption: “True love kisses I’m Shrek.

In her interview with Cosmo, Barbie moved from the plush fender convo to open up about her role in road-trip comedy Unpregnant, which also stars Haley Lu Richardson, which discusses abortion.

The normalization of abortion is what we have to do, said Barbie. “Society puts this pressure on people who get abortions that they should feel a lot of guilt and shame and really emotionally about it. Most people are relieved by simply.

The most important was that it was really great to not discuss or act out my body once — as H&M Model added about her character.

She explained that having her childhood online impacted her view of herself as a member of Gen Z. She said: “That had to do something to my brain “. I mean I have crippling anxiety. A lot of depression issues, eating problems, paranoia and just weird things I’m certain are from the internet.”

This week Elle posted a picture of the couple kissing on Instagram with the caption: “True love kisses I’m Shrek.”

Similarly, Barbie has shared her Cosmo cover on Instagram, stating: “Oh boy!!! What a variety of emotions this week. I hope you guys take care of yourselves!”

Her show Euphoria was nominated for six Emmy Awards in September and has won three awards including Outstanding Leading Actress in A Drama Series for Zendaya as Rue.

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