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Amazon Luna release date, game list and controller for the Stadia-killer



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Google and Microsoft will need to push up their game now that Amazon has entered the crowded cloud gaming space with the Amazon Luna.. On September 24th, Amazon re-unveiled its upcoming cloud-based gaming platform, its unique take on subscriptions and many of the games we can expect to play on it..

Using AWS server technology and cloud storage, Amazon Luna can stream games over an internet connection, like Google Stadia and Microsoft xCloud.. It also stands out with its channel subscription features, as users have to pay to subscribe to certain services instead of buying individual games..

Will this finally give Amazon a clear way to succeed in the gaming market? Here’s everything we know about the platform so far..

Instead of a full launch like Google Stadia, Amazon Luna opts for an invite-only early access state for some time.. If you are interested, signups for Amazon Luna are already available on the platform’s website..

There was no specific date for the service launch, but the press release says that the invite-only period makes it so that “players will have the opportunity to contribute feedback that will inform future Luna features and development.

Amazon detailed the official Internet requirements for Luna on the official site. A 10 Mbps internet connection is required to stream games well, though Amazon recommends speeds of 35 Mbps if you want to try games in 4K..

Luna is also estimated to use “10 GB/hr at 1080p,” so keep this in mind if you have data caps.. Both will also work at 2 :. 4 GHz or 5 GHz, although Amazon recommends 5 GHz.

When it’s early access, players can try over 70 games with an Amazon Luna subscription.. Amazon highlighted the major partners WayForward, 505 Games and Team17.. It’s the most indie and AA games, but a few AAA games like Resident Evil 7 and Control also make the cut.

Amazon gave the full list of games to which they will be available in early access :.

With the Ubisoft channel, games like Assassins Creed Valhalla, Far Cry 6 and Immortals Fenyx Rising also come to Amazon Luna later this year. The library will also grow over time and depending on its success, we could see more developers contributing their games to the service.

This official image shows Amazon Luna Home Screen.

Amazon Luna currently does not have any exclusive games that you can’t play anywhere else.. Amazon does own three game studios and is working on New World, a Lord of the Rings MMO and many other unannounced projects, so it is very likely that Amazon Luna might eventually get some games of its own..

Unlike Google Stadia, you can neither buy either of these games individually.. Regardless if you have the Luna+ or Ubsioft subscription channel, it is currently impossible to purchase each game individually from Amazon Luna. As such, its approach to cloud gaming is much more similar to Xbox Game Pass and xCloud than Goolge Stadia..

When it is available in early access, Amazon Luna users will have to subscribe to Luna+ for $5.. 99 a month or Ubisoft channel for a currently unknown price.. Luna+ comes with 1080p/60 FPS gaming as planned for the future, with 4K playing. It also includes the above-mentioned list of games and can be streamed simultaneously on two devices.. The Ubisoft channel is mostly similar, though it can only play Ubisoft games and is limited to just one device at a time..

Digital Trends also reports that users aren’t required to subscribe to both channels, so if you care about playing Far Cry 6 and Immortals Fenyx Rising Day One then you don’t have to pay for the other 72 games on Luna+. Amazon has confirmed that multiple Luna channels are in development both for specific publishers and certain genres..

At launch, Amazon Luna will work on PC, Amazon Fire TV, Mac and iOS devices.. While Google Stadia and xCloud are to go on Apple devices, Amazon is avoiding the issue by making Amazon Luna Web-based on Apple platforms instead of going through the app store.. An Android version of Amazon Luna is also in development, but is simply labeled as “coming soon” after the platform’s launch..

The Amazon Luna does have its own proprietary purple controller. It looks quite similar to the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller and Xbox One – Controller – but that’s not bad – those are some of the best controllers on the market.. According to Amazon, Luna’s controller is built with “Cloud Direct” technology that reduces the latency of inputs.

This tech even allows the controller to switch devices without having to reconfigure them.. The controller will cost $49.. 99 and will only be available to those who get an invitation to Amazon Luna try -. It will also support Amazon Alexa, though this feature has not been used much yet..

Amazon Luna controller in action.

Analysts view the service more favorably than Google Stadia. George Jijiashvilli, a Senior Analyst for games at Omedia, told Inverse: Amazon has many strengths suited for cloud gaming. Still, they pointed out that “this does not guarantee success” because AWS “is only one dimension of the final offering, and the emerging features, content, Twitch integration, and monetization models will determine the use of the service.

NPD Analyst Mat Piscatella also commented on the service and said that incorporating every game into a subscription was the “right way to go” for Luna.. He did point out some of the difficulties Luna could run into, including “poor US internet infrastructure and expensive ISP plans and/or data caps”.

This year, Amazon Luna enters invite only early access on a rolling basis..

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