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Also, Marvel Has Named Its Kamala Khan



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Marvel was the first Muslim character in Marvel’s own comic books, and Iman will be the first Muslim superhero to appear on screen in Marvel’s era.

Disney+ has announced their selection for the role of Kamala Khan – aka Ms. Marvel – for its highly anticipated title-winning live action series based on the comic book character. In the role of Kamala is teenager Iman Vellani who will make her debut as an actress in this show.

Ms. Marvel appeared in 2014 and quickly acquired a strong fan base with readers who identified with Kamala Khan, a Pakistani-American teenager living in New Jersey who is just trying to find her place in the world.

But who is the newcomer Iman Vellani and will she ever be able to portray Kamala, an iconic and beloved character?

Who is ‘Ms. Iman Vellani is Marvel’s biggest star?

There have been many young actresses competing for the role of Ms. Marvel in the forthcoming Disney+ series, which has led fans to speculate about the official choice of the Marvel’s first Muslim superhero. But instead of choosing a familiar face, the creators of the show have cast the newly introduced Iman Vellani, who is so new to Hollywood she doesn’t even have an IMDb page yet.

The idea of being cast as Kamala Khan is no doubt the chance of a lifetime for the Toronto teenager, and even though Iman doesn’t yet have any known acting experience, one of the authors of the original comic book, G. Willow Wilson, described her as the real deal. The series hasn’t yet been released, but people anticipate that it will be released sometime in the second half of 2021.

Marvel was Marvel’s first Muslim character to take on her own comic book and Iman will be the first Muslim superhero to play on screen in Marvel’s era. In addition to being in the Disney+ series, Marvel Studios director Kevin Feige has said that Kamala will also be shown in upcoming Marvel films.

Ms. Marvel is her first acting job, but that isn’t Iman’s first kiss with Hollywood.

Although Iman may be a newcomer to Hollywood, she already has ties with the industry. At the Toronto Film Festival of 2019 she was part of the Next Wave Committee, a group of 15 to 18-year-olds whose role was to add special tags to films in the roster of the festival to attract their peers.

I think that is really important because then people will understand each other,” said Iman. The biggest goal of our organization is just to help people to understand other perspectives… even if they can’t relate to it…

Iman selected to add her signature of approval to the Hala movie directed by Minhal Baig. She said she identified with the main character Hala who is a Pakistani-American Muslim teenager struggling with identity questions. “I think it’s a really important film to see when you want a good look at a young member of society who is just trying to fit into the best of both worlds,” Iman said about the film.

It sounds as if Iman is already positioned for the role of Kamala Khan. We wish her all the very best with this new endeavour and are very excited to see the series once it is released.

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