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A Colorado family urged others after purchasing contaminated house.



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Not even two weeks after purchasing the house, Eric retrieved the rocks in the backyard… and began looking at a pipe of meth in sight… Eric then cleaned the laundry room out of the garage.

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Eric Herrera and his wife Jennifer have purchased their dream home in Littleton, Colorado, for more than $600,000.

It was the perfect spot where they could raise their two daughters and two dogs. At first everything was exactly as they hoped it would be.

The house had been completely remodeled from new flooring and cabinets to brand new counters.

Not even two weeks after purchasing the house, Eric found himself cleaning the rocks in the backyard… and staring at a meth pipe just in sight…

Eric cleaned the utility room out of the garage then.

He found a whole bunch of bizarre items, like a small mattress, bed sheets and a heavy-duty surge protector.

And while sifting through the items he flipped over a blanket and found another sealed meth pipe inside.

The disturbing discoveries prompted the family to put their dream house in the run for drugs tests.

The 24 samples taken from at least four rooms within the home revealed a large trace of drugs — so high, in fact, that the house was condemned.

The Herrera family had to move back just as quickly as they did into her home. And despite his efforts to get him back, a loophole prevented him from doing so.

Watch the video below to see the important warning for new home owners everywhere by Herreras.

According to GoFundMe, “The family was obligated to immediately leave the home in which they had lived three weeks before. Their belongings are now stored and they have been forced to find temporary living conditions in the midst of a global pandemic.

Click the link if you want to assist in some way.

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