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6 Ways to Make Your Eyelashes Appear Longer



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Many women want to have long and beautiful eyelashes as they enhance the overall beauty. Those who were not born with long and thick lashes can try several tricks to make the eyelashes appear longer. You will find many tips online and you can also visit site to get more information.

Here are some tricks that will help the eyelashes not only to look longer but fuller as well.

Add Some Powder 

Before applying Mascara to the eyelashes, apply some foundation powder to them. This helps to make the lashes look plush and thicker. All it takes is a little bit of powder to do the trick. This will also help the Mascara to stay on for a longer time and prevent it from forming clumps.

Color the Tips 

Playing with different colors can help the eyelashes look longer and fuller. The lashes should be coated with black eye shadow. Dark brown should be used along on the tips of the lashes only. After this, another coat of black should be applied.

You can also use black color along the edge of the lashes and brown in the middle of the lashes. This will make them look very long and thick. Playing with color can trick the eyes into thinking the lashes are much longer than they are.

Buy the Right Mascara 

Not all mascaras are made with the same features and functions. When purchasing Mascara, look for a brand that will help in giving the eyelashes a voluminous look. It will stay this right on the bottle. The lashes can be coated two or three times. Every lash needs to be coated evenly. This will not only make the lashes look longer, but the eyes will look more prominent as well.

Use a Curler 

Eyelash curlers will help to make the lashes look longer. The lashes are placed in the curler, and then the curler is pressed down. This will give them a nice curl, making them look longer. Just be careful not to use the curler daily as it may cause some eyelashes to break. Using it three times a week is more than enough and will not damage the delicate lashes.

Brush the Lashes 

It may sound a little strange but brushing the eyelashes can help them to appear longer and thicker. There are special eyelash brushes that can be used. A person can also use a clean toothbrush to brush the lashes. Brushing the lashes can plump them up and make them look longer.

Add some Vaseline

At bedtime apply a little bit of Vaseline to the lashes. Be very careful when applying it to make sure it does not get into the eyes. Vaseline should be used at bedtime every night and allowed to sit on the lashes while sleeping. It will take a couple of weeks to see the results.

These tips and tricks can help the eyelashes to appear to be not only longer but fuller as well. These tips can be followed by everyone and they will notice that they are working when they receive compliments on how good their eyes look.

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