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11 best commercial ice maker ratings



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These cubes are also known as cubelet ice, crinkly ice or pearl ice. If the machine comes with an automatic cleaning cycle, then you should not worry about additional product and should use the cycle to extend the life of the unit.

1. H-OmeLabs HME030276N

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hOmeLabs HME030276N – HME030276

Specifications in the language are

  • Dimensions: 31.4” in height, 17.6” in width, 15.7” in length
  • Dimensions of the storage container are 29 lbs.

It produces daily enormous amounts of ice weighing up to 100 lbs, while its rapid, 20 minutes cycle provides 45 units in one go. It can freeze for some time up to 29 pounds, but it won’t replace a freezer, so you should transfer it if you’re not planning on taking it fast. As soon as the storage room fills up, the unit will shut off to prevent overflowing. The generous water tank can accommodate up to 1.2 liters and can be connected to a water line for streamlining the loading process.

Clever Control – Control.

It further includes a smart panel which is furnished with an LCD water level indicator along with several ice making settings. You can modify the density of cubes and it also has its own cleaning function for easy maintenance. It also incorporates a full set of equipment, like an ice scoop, a 9′′ Supply – Hose, a Water – Connector, as well as a 6.5 foot Drain – Hose, to guarantee smooth installation. It includes a limited warranty that stretches for a period of 2 years from the moment you purchase.

  • Form Ice :Cube
  • Freestanding design :
  • Accessories include:
  • Ice capacity per day : 99 lbs
  • Customisable ice thickness:
  • Garanty: 2 years
    • Generous storage allows for a large storage
    • Swift cycle is an easy cycle to follow.
    • Automatic turn-off?
    • The LCD indicator gives the following
    • – Certified ETL A/C
    • Ice is not held frozen long term.
    • The drain could be tricky to utilize.

    Strong and reliable, it is also hardworking, producing large amounts of ice every day in the shortest time possible. It allows to adjust the cubes to your liking and requires no supervision as it works.

    2. Costzon FWAM-01960

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    Costzon FWAM-01960

    Specifications :

    • Dimensions: 31” in height, 19” in width, 16” in length
    • Canister’s capacity : 33 lbs.

    It even includes alerts when water needs refilling or when the mass is no longer suitable. This means it comes with a timer which allows you to start the automatic cleaning cycle. Furthermore, it is made with a temperature efficient insulation in 3 layers with a thickened exterior panel, thickened foam layer and a food-grade liner, while its 200W compressor keeps it cool. Furthermore, the front panel has a mesh-like part for faster heat dispersion. It provides an entire supply collection to aid in a quick installation : an ice shovel, a 120′′-long waterline, which includes connectors for faucets, and one 80′′-pipe to drain water. It is guaranteed for a period of 1 year from the moment of sale.

  • Ice form : Bullet
  • Freestanding design :
  • – Accessories included
  • Ice capacity per day : 100-110 lbs.
  • Customisable ice thickness:
  • Warranty 1 year
    • Quick cycle ( )
    • Generous ice amount
    • Contains several accessories
    • LED indicators provide the relevant information about the LED indicators
    • There were some complaints regarding the speed of its delivery.
    • Requires regular maintenance

    It assures a fast way of icemaking, in large enough quantities that it will provide for several servings. It can be used for both professional and personal uses and includes all the equipment for hassle-free installation.

    3. Kuppet Commercial Ice Maker – Kuppet – –

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    Kuppet commercial ice maker.

    Specifications :

    • Dimensions: 31.4” in height, 17.6” in length, 15.7” in width
    • Canister capacity: 33 lbs.

    It has a internal overflow protection system which will shut off it if the bucket reaches its limit. It is also extremely quiet, under 40 dB. It can operate for 24 hours without interruption and daily generate up to 100 lbs of ice. It also has a quick cycle as you need only 11 to 16 minutes to prepare your ice-bound. It is also made of insulation materials which will prevent its melting for 3 to 5 hours because it has a weight of 33 lbs. The cubes have a perfectly square shape and can be adjusted to your liking’s thickness. The accessories included will speedly ease in the handling of ice.

  • Form Ice Cube :
  • Freestanding design :
  • Accessories include:
  • Ice capacity per day : 100 lbs
  • Customisable thickness of ice:
  • Garanties: 90 days.
    • Generous capacity, capacity as we now know.
    • Rapid ice-making cycle
    • Does not include a built-in filter
    • Might not suit all kitchens

    It ensures quick time in making the ice you need to serve your guests. It can also work 24 hours, so there will not be a moment in which you will not have ice. Additionally, the clock and the self-cleaning program will take care of the maintenance without human supervision.

    4. COSTWAY 23703-CYPE

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    Specifications ;

    • Dimension : 23.5” high, 13” wide and 13.5” in length
    • Canister weight: 8.8 lbs.

    The hassle-free setup requires only a pipe to be completed, while the inner cleaning attribute will ensure stress-free maintenance. It uses little energy to function and has a silent operation so that it can be used during night time since it will be less of a problem. It can be molded freestanding or built-in to meet your needs as its design measures 23.5′′ in height, 13′′ in width and 13.5′′ in length. It weighs only 40 pounds in total, which makes for a stress-free relocation. It has a full range of accessories which will speed up the ice handling process.

  • Form of Ice : Cube :
  • Freestanding design :
  • Accessories include:
  • ice / day capacity : 88 lbs
  • Customize the ice thickness :
  • Guarantee: 90 days
    • The use, installation and operation are stress free.
    • Fast production time and quick production line
    • Auto-control function (IA)
    • Some of those complained about the pump system
    • Some complained about the time resistance of the court.

    The silent operation can produce up to 88 lbs of ice a day, while the unit guarantees you full access to how thick the ice cubes will be. In addition, it integrates all settings to keep you at every moment in control whereas the autocleaning function will ensure hassle-free maintenance.

    5. Ice Maker VEVOR – machine

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    VEVOR Ice Machine-making machine.


    • Dimensions: 32.75″ in height, 20.15” in width, 16.53” in length
    • Beacon capacity: 44 lbs

    It sports a fully automatic control to streamline its operation and to give you full access to the settings. It also contains two accessories which will facilitate faster ice handling as well as thorough water purification. The liner and dry filter will besides reduce bacteria due to the advanced sterilization process it incorporated preventing the formation of bacteria, ensuring your family and your client’s health is intact.

  • Shape : Cube.
  • Freestanding design :
  • Accessories included include
  • Ice Capacity / Day : 100-110 lbs –
  • Customisable ice thickness:
  • Warranty 1 year
    • Fast-working people are fast-working
    • Large storage container
    • Anti-bacterial sterilization liner and filter.
    • Adapting thickness might be difficult.
    • There were some complaints about its pump not working right.

    It can produce 40 clear ice cubes in a matter of a few minutes and it sports a large ice capacity per day so both you and your loved ones can benefit from it. It has auto-cleaning so you’ll be able to set it up quickly and thanks to the sterilizing liner and the dry filter there will not be any bacteria forming.

    6. The EUHOMY IM-02 is IM-02

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    EUHOMY IM-02


    • Dimensions: 31.49″ in height, 17.32” in width and 15.74″ in depth
    • Canister space capacity : 33 lbs.

    Besides, the unit will not only shut itself off once the bin is filled but it also alerts you of it thanks to its overflow protection. It is even more convenient, with easy-to-use controls on the front with large, self-explanatory text. The LCD display will tell you what action to get done while you can modify the density of cubes. You can set a timer in advance so the unit will have the ice ready without requiring you to remove it from the power supply.

    Further, the LED light will tell you when it needs cleaning as it turns on, which allows for hassle-free maintenance, while the accessories offer a DIY installation. It can be used either as a standalone unit or as a built-in type, depending on your needs or preferences. It has a limited warranty that runs from the moment of purchasing to an entire year.

  • Form Ice : Cube
  • Freestanding design :
  • Accessories include :
  • Water : Ice capacity per day : 100 lbs
  • Customized ice thickness :
  • Warranty 1 – Year
    • Keep-cool ability to keep away from cooler-cooling
    • Production cycle rapid
    • High ice/day capacity of this cavern
    • Generous storage is provided in this article.
    • Provides overflow protection
    • Incorporates the needed accessories
    • Contains no self-cleaning attributes
    • What will keep ice for too long not ice cold.

    It is easy to set up, maintain and use. It generates large amounts of ice per day to provide many items. The cycles are short, therefore you won’t have to wait too long to enjoy your cool beverage while its ability to keep up to 33 lbs of ice cool gives you time to multitask. Through its LED front panel the controls are self-explanatory and easy to get.

    7. ROVSUN automatic ice machine was operating in the early 1990s.

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    ROVSUN – Automatic Ice Machine

    Specifications are :

    • Dimensions: 31″ in height, 18” in width, 16” in length
    • The storage capacity of the container is 33 lbs.

    The ice container, meanwhile, will preserve the cold and fresh, with a capacity of 33 lbs at a time. It is able to stand alone or be part of any other kitchen application as it does not require a large surface area. Keep in mind the room temperature must be between 50-100F to prolong its use. It comes with all the necessary gear for a hassle-free setup as it includes a water pump hose, a drain hose and 2 connectors including an ice hopper.

  • Form of Ice : Cube
  • Freestanding design :
  • Accessories include:
  • Capacity / day : 100 lbs.
  • Customize Ice thickness:
  • 1 year warranty
    • Short producing cycle
    • Large storage bins
    • The refilling is manual no longer available.
    • Hassle-free cleaning:
    • Gravity drain may be tricky to detect.
    • Not time resistant –

    It will satisfy your ice desire on a hot day; it is perfect for both commercial and personal uses as it can be easily stored and used by everybody. It is quick-working, 12 to 18 minutes, and can produce large sized cubes, up to 100 pounds daily. It also includes a storage bin to support the freeze time.

    8. BEAMNOVA 70025512

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    BEAMNOVA 70025512


    • Dimension: 31.10” high, 17.72” wide, 15.75” long
    • Storage weight of the bins is 35 lbs.

    The automatic protection function will prevent overflowing and quickly turn off if the ice volume is filled to the brim. It can unfortunately be used only indoors because it demands a canal-drain. The tank needs periodic cleaning at least once or twice each month to prevent and remove limescale. If this is not possible, add a hard-water, heavy-duty filter to it. It also contains an ice scoop with a drain hose for easy use.

  • Form Ice : Cube.
  • Freestanding design :
  • Accessories include:
  • Max Ice capacity/day : 100 lbs
  • Customisable thickness of ice :
  • Garantie: 1 year
    • Bag 32.5 lbs The Bin to Store 35 lbs
    • Overflow protection in the summer :
    • Ice speed cycle
    • For indoor use only :
    • The water requires immediate draining and drainage.

    Aside from providing large amounts of ice per day, it will need to be used only inside as the unit requires to be connected to a sewer drain. The storage bin will keep the created ice cold until you can transfer it away, but you will have to act quickly. While it stops automatically once the full ice volume has been reached, it also alerts you by its LED indicating indicators about it.

    9. Happybuy 150LB Shipping :

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    Happybuy 150LB =

    Specifications :

    • Dimension: 24.5” high, 16.7” long, 13.8” wide
    • 4 lbs storage capacity:

    Ideal for several areas, public and private, the thickness of your ice cubes can not only be adjusted (thin: 5-8 minutes, medium: 8-11 minutes and thick: 11-15 minutes) but it also detects ice falloff as well as any change in the outdoor temperature. A warming insulation can last up to 5 hours in addition to power failure when there is a power failure and allows enough time to deal with ice. It is solid, durable and easy to clean – offering an unobstructed draining with a multi-grid ice plate for improved performance. It also has an ice cube tray in it so that you can easily scoop out your cubes as soon as they are done. This includes an ice spoon, a water intake, a water outlet and a water filter.

  • Ice form : Cube
  • Freestanding design :
  • Accessories include:
  • Ice capacity / day : 150 lbs.
  • Customize your ice thickness:
  • _ N/A warranty
    • Simple to install and use
    • Has an insulation system.
    • Digital control panel (DMC)
    • Some complained that it was not big enough to take in all the traffic complaints.
    • There were some complaints about its ice capacity being not big enough.

    It comes with a unique heat-insulation system that lasts 5 to 7 hours even if there is no power. It has a free-standing thickness adjustment and comes with a large storage bin. It also has a timer function and an easy to use dashboard which will allow you to configure it to make ice according to your needs.

    10. Smad HS-26BI-3

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    Smad HS-26BI-3 HS-26 HS


    • Dimensions: 25” high, 15” wide, 17.7” in length
    • BAR FABRIC: 6 lbs.

    It has a sleek design with a compact stainless steel door and automatic ozone control that will surely improve the overall process. With a front wall ventilation (inner) its reversible door will help you very easily settle in. It automatically enters into a preserving stage and keeps you ice cold because it has 6-pound ice storage. With its reversible door for the left or right swing and the accessories it comes with – an ice scoop and an ice storage box – you will never need to stress over the whole process again. It has a frost-free defrost function while its 95W motor will need an inverter to operate correctly

  • Eis shape : Crescent
  • Freestanding design :
  • Accessories include:
  • Ice capacity / day : 12 lbs.
  • Customizable Ice – Dicke:
  • Warranty: 30 days.
    • Easy to install, install and operate
    • Compact design, with front vents
    • Reversible door opening:
    • Some complained about the size of the ice cubes.
    • There were some complaints about the time it takes to get ice cubes.

    It can not only produce ice, but also store and freeze it, and it is produced from stainless steel so you will not have to worry about rust or corrosion. Furthermore, it comes with a reversible door that allows you to open it either left or right, giving you freedom in where you want to put it. It also comes with a defrost function which will ensure that it keeps clean and in top condition.

    11. Sunpentown IM-150US – Water Station Sunpentown IM-150US

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    Sunpentown IM-150US – Micronizer

    Specifications :

    • Dimensions: 25″ in height, 15” in width, 18″ in length
    • 74 – 7 – Bag capacity: 6 lbs.

    It can produce large and thick, crescent-shaped ice cubes which measure 2.5” in length, 0.5” in width and 0.75” in thickness. It features a freestanding design that allows you to either rest under the counter or stand on its own where the waterline reaches. Furthermore, the door will not get in the way of you, as you can swing it in whatever direction you desire. It has an automatic shut-off that turns it off when the basket is full. It also has an ice scoop, and a 25-foot-long water source hose. Since it freezes the cubes it does not require a drain hose. It needs 115 V to work correctly and an operating temperature between 30 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. It comes with a limited 1 year guarantee from the moment of purchasing

  • Shape of ice : Crescent –
  • Freestanding design :
  • Accessories include:
  • Ice Capacity / day : 12 lbs
  • Customisable ice thickness:
  • Garanty: 1 year
    • Storage bins are placed in the bin
    • Auto shut off?
    • Freezing feature is offered.
    • Reversible door / doors /.
    • There were some complaints about its design.
    • Some complained about the freeze function

    It can be mounted on its own or if the water line is connected to it on its own. It comes with a freezing function that prevents the ice cubes from melting so it does not need draining anymore. It can produce up to 12 pounds of ice per day and it comes with auto-shut off which turns off the unit when the basket is full. It also comes with a reversible door that allows you to easily open it on the left or right depending on your preferences.

    Types of ice maker

    Ice to cool down your favorite drink or beverage is a very popular method, particularly during warm and hot summer days. While you might think ice is just ice, ice can come in different models and styles that give your drink a distinctive and more personal look that will give it a hint of mystery and excitement.

    They are divided into 4 main modes: modular, under counter, countertop and a combination of ice and water.

    • The modular shine is improved when used with another unit which has the functions of carrying and storing ice. They are usually available in 21, 30 or 48 inches lengths, and quite popular since they can be repaired or replaced without withdrawing the entire system of melting ice. The top can just be replaced with another while using the already existing bin or dispenser. Their capabilities include creating even a ton of ice per day and wide customization settings for foodservice applications while allowing for independent customization, enhancement and maintenance.
    • Undercounter is small, they need help from a storage area as well. The designs for small businesses can fit under 40′′ counters. Available in models with different production rates, internal bin storage capacity and ice types the under counter models can be considered a more compact version of modular types. Although they are not capable of producing large volumes of ice, they provide good performance for little space.

    Depending on the machine used, the cubes are not necessarily cubic. They can also have distinctive forms, sizes and densities. The three main shapes are rectangular, flake-style and nug-shaped.

  • Countertop – Although the storage basket is not that big, these units can produce up to 400 lbs on a day. Because they are compact, they are usually found in health care centres. They produce dry or kink-style ice, which is easily chewable and sanitary as it is produced without human contact. They include all the components in the same cabinet, similar to how compact a counter-warming machine is.
  • Ice and water mix – as their name suggests, these units offer both water and ice in one compact unit. Best used in busy areas with large traffic, they provide ice-drip cold water with only a few settings. They are able to produce up to 500 pounds with just one use. Each day on the ice and a tiny footprint are designed for stress-free storage. They tend to produce large lump-like ice sheets.
    • Cubes They can be made by running water over a freezing evaporator plate that is divided into a grid and can be split further into various other forms. A standard full cube is typically 0.8/9 x 0.8/9 x 0.8/9 inches. Typically a half cube is 0.7/8 x 0.7/8 x 0.3/8 inches while other machines can produce crescent-shaped ice similar in size to half one, 0.7/8 x 0.7/8 x 0.3/8 inches The difference is that the crescent ice has one face flat and another face curvilinear. If you want your ice cube to have more of a simple and elegant aesthetic, try either round or cylindrical, since these kinds are found in high-end alcoholic beverages.
    • Flakes They have the shape of a snowflake, as their name suggests. The soft and tiny flakes are easy to store and are normally used in supermarkets to display fresh seafood and meat without deterioration of product. Although they are also a popular choice for salads and plates, they are also used in hospitals and other health care facilities since they oxidize quickly and provide hydration.
    • Nuggets Nuggets A very popular ice shape, they tend to form as a small, round and irregular ball of ice about the size of a child’s marble. Essentially, flaked ice forced to a cylindrical shape is soft, chewable and has the capacity to retain liquids. Thus, you can add any flavor to it, giving it a new, new and special tone to your drink. These cubes are also called “Cubelet Ice”,” – ice able or “Pearl Ice”

    These cubes are also known as cubelet ice , crinkly ice or pearl ice

    How to Clean A Commercial Ice Maker?

    If the machine comes with an automatic cleaning cycle then you shouldn’t worry about additional products and should use the cycle to increase the life of the unit. If it isn’t equipped with one, you will need to clean the old-fashioned way manually.

    Needed supplies were :
    • Rubber gloves are useful for this job.
    • A rubbing pad to relieve scrubbing
    • A sponge/non-abrasive pad.
    • Scale removal and cleaner
    Instructions –

    Step 1. Step 1 Turn it off and remove it from the power source. Switch off the water supply that connects to the machine then

    Step 2: From it take everything out including ice and any other extra accessories.

    Step 3 : Dry any water left inside and apply the scale remover in line with the instructions on the box. There are a variety of scale removers so choose the one that is best for your ice maker.

    Step 4: Create a slurry to remove any deposits and scrub away the stubborn ones.

    Step 5: Don’t forget about the parts you have removed. Apply the cleaner also on them and give them a scrub too.

    Step 6 : Rinse everything with clean water, both inside and parts.

    Step 7: Wipe all dry and then remove them.

    Don’t overlook the exterior of the machine. You can remove a damp cloth and wipe the dust away. If there are grease deposits on it, mix a little vinegar or dish soap with water and scrub it off the surface. Once completed, rinse with a clean cloth or paper towels.

    HOMEMERS HME030276NComing with a large storage capacity, it gives you the freedom of multitasking without worrying about the unit. It will shut off immediately as the ice container is filled to ensure there is no overflowing. It is likewise available with a freestanding design, so it does not need a connection to the drain, while its ability to produce up to 99 pounds per day will provide you with more than enough ice cubes to get your water running efficiently. To take its customization a step further it allows you to set the thickness of the ice cubes and supply customized ice.

    Kuppet Commercial Ice MakerKuppes provide total control over the ice cubes. It comes with a quick cycle so that you won’t have to wait too long to enjoy your drink, but it can also cool 3 to 5 hours of ice’s weight. Its freestanding design allows you to set it where you want it to be while its timer ensures that you will have the ice when you need it. It allows you to customise the ice thickness to your liking while overflow protection turns off the unit for increased security. It is quiet and under 40 decibels quiet as it works, while its auto-cleaning function ensures hassle-free maintenance.

    : Happybuy 150LBIf 100 pounds of ice per day is not enough and you need even more ice, Happybuy has you covered. Its unit can produce up to 150 pounds of ice per day, while its storage will retain up to 16 pounds of ice, cool and fresh, for 5-7 hours, until you put it in a freezer. It comes with a freestanding design that you can place anywhere you want, while its quick cycle and customizable thickness makes it extremely useful.

    Best budget-friendly ice machine : Smad HS-26BI-3If your business doesn’t require large amounts of ice and your budget is not that tight, but you don’t want to compromise the integrity of your ingredients. Smad HS-26BI-3 can be handy. It can store up to 6 pounds of ice and produce 12 pounds of ice daily. With all the accessories included as well as a freestanding design, it can be taken out of the box to work immediately. It comes with an automatic overflow safeguard that automatically turns off as soon as the container is full while its reversible door design allows you to place it where you want it as it won’t be a problem.

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